Increase work efficiency with research project management

End-to-end research project management solutions, including proposal submissions, peer and panel review of projects, project management, project finance management, project outcome management and department/user administration.

Improve management effectiveness with project financial management

Data interchange with funding agencies for financial risk management on funded projects.
Implement project change requests, progress/ final reports via APIs.

Ensure research integrity with project outcome management

Federal search for research outputs and match with project number and funding agencies.

Increase citation and ranking with open access

Support open access, and use social network to disseminate research outputs to increase citations.

Improve user satisfactions with research social network services

Provide researchers with an end to end research services (funding recommendations, journal recommendations and article recommendations) via ScholarMate social network platform.

Improve decision quality with research analytics

Support big data analytics, e.g. full text search and analytics of proposals, project contracts, project publications, technology reports.
Support statistical and benchmark reports and trend analytics.

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